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  1. 1. Bloody Merry Go Round

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The Outs and BreakDowns Of Symmetry

Album Info

Recorded at Lubreeka Studios

Produced by Rev.E.Albini and Sinnik Al

Mixed and Mastered by Rev.E.Albini

Music written by Sinnik Al

Lyrics written by Sinnik Al

Mp3 Files Info

Bitrate 192 kbps

Sample Rate 44.100 KHz

  1. 2. Demonstation

  1. 3. Debristrip

  1. 4. Thawing Zero

  1. 5. Locus Divide

  1. 6. The Light is Baying

  1. 7. (St)ill Recurrent

  1. 8. Escaping Her Cocaine Capsule